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The RSIS Conference will be held at CERN, the European Organization for Nuclear Physics, on Monday the 8th and Tuesday the 9th of December 2003. CERN is offering a unique exhibition opportunity at the conference, which precedes the World Summit on the Information Society (WSIS) event to be held at Geneva's Palexpo between the 10th and 13th of December.

A prestigious "Showcase" exhibition area of approximately 80 square metres has been created at the "Crossroads" of the conference. This area is immediately outside the main conference auditorium and only 25 metres away from the second conference hall.

Showcase details

Exhibits should show how information and communication technologies - especially those that originated in science - can or are being used in least developed countries to reduce the digital, knowledge and economic divides. Two options are available to potential exhibitors:

Option 1- An exhibition booth of 2.00 x 3.00 metres, composed of 7 white exhibition panels 1.00 metres wide x 2.50 metres high, with a header panel in white containing the company name. Each booth will be lighted (3 spots x 100 W) and contain two electrical points at ground level. Furniture is optional; the standard booth will be equipped with:
- a rectangular white table
- 2 white chairs
- plinth/display case

Other options are available.

Option 2- An area which can be acquired by the square metre. This option has the advantage of adapting to the individual needs of the sponsor.


Due to the limited size of this prestigious area, reservations will be accepted on a principal of "First come first served." For further information on the "Showcase" area please contact:

Ray Lewis
Exhibition Manager
CH-1211 Geneva 23

Tel: 0044.22.767.43.67.
Fax: 0044.22.767.90.05
Email: Ray.lewis@cern.ch